Metric Tie Rod Ends (Heims)

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Tie Rod Ends (Heims) for Invader Racing Go Karts. Ideal for connecting the steering shaft to the tie rods, spindles, and wheel components of the steering system of Invader racing go karts. Without these heims, your kart won't go anywhere fast!

Often, tie rod ends wear out over a period of time due to the punishment karts take from vibrations, bumps, and curbs. Having a couple spare tie rod ends on hand is a great way to ensure you are always operating your kart at peak performance.


Tie rod ends are used to connect the steering shaft to the tie rods on a racing kart. On Invader chassis, a left-hand and right-hand thread set of tie rod ends are used with each tie rod. Thread size is M8, with both thread (left and right) options available here!

Reinforced shoulders around the in-set tie rod end ball prolongs service life of the rod end. Integrated grease points also allows for the racer to service the rod end routinely with small amounts of synthetic bearing grease (Point Karting recommends Tri-Flow).

Each heim is sold individually. (4) are needed to replace the tie rod ends for the front steering system on a racing kart. For any tie rod, a left-hand and right-hand tie rod end are necessary to install for proper range of adjustment.