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The TDC Speed-Set Go Kart motor mount is the perfect solution for racers who need an all-in-one motor mount solution, from Honda GXH50 to IAME X30. Want a mount for Briggs 206? Sweet! TDC has you covered. X 30? Sure! They've got you. Mini Rok? Yep, that too.


With the Speed-Set motor mount, the same base plate, different top plate philosophy allows for a ton of variety for engine and base plate options. Couple that with the precision-milled, light-weight design, and you've got one heck of a motor mount.

The Speed-Set motor mount is anodized in black, lightweight, easy to install, highly adaptable and rapidly adjustable.  The design of the bottom slider allows many different chain tensions, and the variety of offset options allows for many different configurations. 


Each Speed-Set motor mount comes complete with key components, including: base plate, top plate, mounting clamps, and associated hardware.

  • Motor mount clamp bolts are M10 x 20mm in length. 
  • Bolts for mounting the engine to the top plate depend on the engine package the mount is intended for:
    • Briggs 206 - M5 Studs w/ M8 Nuts
    • Other engines - M8 x 25mm bolts

The Speed-Set motor mount is adaptable to different sprint kart chassis, regardless of frame diameters or motor mount rail offsets (90mm, 92mm, 28 / 30 / 32mm). 

Bolt Pattern and Mount Options 
  • Briggs (World Formula, LO206, Animal)
  • IAME (X 30, KA 100, Micro / Mini Swift)
  • ROK  (Senior, Junior, Mini, Micro)
  • Yamaha KT 100
  • Horstman Komet KPV
  • Each motor mount is sold separately.