TDC #219 Chain Breaker

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The TDC #219 Chain Breaker for racing go kart chains is the perfect option for racers who want a precision-milled, quality tool that will last them a lifetime of kart racing. From the hard anodized finish to the finely-spaced #219 chain holder louvers, this kart chain breaker is perfect for quality mechanic work!

Each chain breaker utilizes an extractor bolt and return bolt to break, and re-complete chains. The extractor bolt has an integrated push-pin that helps push roller pins out of the chain just far enough to release the links of the chain, without pushing it too far to cause it to be difficult to replace within the link when re-installed.

A tapered, concave area on the return pin helps push the link pin back into the chain when a racer wants to put the chain back together.

Each chain breaker comes complete, with milled base, and extraction and return bolts.

Additionally, replacement extraction or return pins / bolts are available separately.