Swiss Hutless Rear Brake Pads (Set)

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Rear Brake Pads for Swiss Hutless karts. Ideal for the "Long Life" brake caliper, and with steel slotted rotor p/n 150031. This set of pads is quite unique in its curved 'banana' shape, which can be confused with Birel, but these are for a specific Swiss Hutless brake system.

Manufactured by International Karting Products, this set of brake pads is designed to fit a very specific brake caliper and rotor combination. Point Karting strongly suggests cross-checking your brake application before ordering these pads.

Specifically, these pads are designed to work with Swiss Hutless' "Long Life" brake caliper, which is not commonly seen on karts. Also, these pads must be paired with P/N 150031, which is a slotted steel rotor 208mm in diameter, and 13mm in width. Note that there are other pads similar to these that work with a front brake rotor equivalent, P/N 150910.

These pads are IKP's "Red Carbon" option, and are ideal for general brake applicatoins across different horsepower categories.

Pads are sold as a set of (2).

Ideal For: Swiss hutless rear brake system full size chassis
Fits swiss hutless "long life" brake system w/rotor 150031

Note: This pad set is not kept in stock at our headquarters - it is a special order component from our partners at IKP. Allow for 1 week for item fulfillment.