Swift Low Volume Go Kart Rims-Rear (212/180mm)

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Swift Low-Volume Magnesium Go Kart Wheels (LV) are designed to give outstanding performance while remaining cost-effective. Available in 180mm and 210mm widths for rear of kart. With the same commitment to precision and performance as manufacturer-based wheels, Swift presents racers a cost-effective alternative to OEM kart wheels. A great option to have extras of or re-vamp your kart with these rims!


By minimizing the volume of air or nitrogen utilized within the wheel / tire to maintain pressure, the relative gain in pressure is lowered over short and longer runs on track, yielding more consistent performance from your kart! 
Therefore, if you're looking for a performance advantage, to save the integrity of your tires, or to 'free-up' your kart in over-gripped situations, these rims are for you! Especially on hot-weather race days, these rims make a significant difference. 

Design and Dimensions

Each Swift magnesium rear wheel is forged, milled, and packaged with care. Rims are painted black for style and durability, to protect the Magnesium material. Every wheel features a 3-point bead-lock design, with o-rings. This makes the wheel ready to install into a tire and hit the track. 
Bolt Pattern
Each rear wheel is available in the standard "European" bolt pattern: 3/58. This means that there are (3) bolt holes available at 120-degree rotation from each other around the bolt pattern, at a diameter from center of 58.00mm. This is the standard bolt pattern for most wheel hubs, no matter the kart size, axle size, etc. 


Wheel Width

Swift Magnesium Low-Volume rear wheels are available in 212mm or 180mm widths.

  • The 212mm width is the common wheel width when using 7.1" rear tires (classes such as KA 100, X 30, Shifter Karts, etc.)
  • 180mm is designed for 6.0" rear tires (Briggs 206, some KA 100, etc.). 

PointKarting.com Tip: Want to gain an extra advantage in a low-horsepower class? Try using a 212mm rear wheel with a 6.0" tire. This lowers the side wall angle of the tire, helping to 'free' the rear of the kart in low-horsepower karts. Note that gearing will need to be adjusted compared to a 180mm wheel due to variance in tire circumference once mounted. 

Each Swift wheel is sold as a pair of (2) per box. 

Additional Dimensions

  • The wheel offset for these wheels is 62.0mm (2.44"). This measurement is taken from the wheel mounting surface (where it mounts to a hub) to the plane created by the outer face of the 'lip' of the rim that retains the bead, both measurements taken on the 'reverse' side of the rim. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this measurements or additional dimensions on the wheels!

Ideal For: 210mm rims (7.1"), 180mm rims (6.0") 3/58 bolt pattern