Swift Low Volume Magnesium Front Rims (3/58)

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Low-Volume Magnesium Front Kart Wheels by Swift (5 x 130mm). These are perfect magnesium low volume rims for your racing go kart! The low-volume design translates to cooler internal temperatures for your kart tires, meaning more stability over a long run in hot weather or cold! Swift rims are one of our most popular products currently on the site, and are available in multiple bolt patterns, available in 3/58 or 3/67 (CRG) bolt patterns. 
With a low-volume design to the rim profile, Swift's magnesium kart rims are designed to perform under tough conditions. It gets hot in the summer, and that can make a kart fade in performance over time as the tires heat up and fatigue. Keep your tires happy and under control with the low-volume choice of many! 
Magnesium is a stiffer metal than aluminum, translating to a more 'free' feel to the kart over conventional aluminum rims. Therefore, a magnesium rim can also be a great option for reliving grip from a kart when the rubber really lays down on the track. 
All rims are painted a semi-gloss black color to finish them off before packaging. Each set of rims is sold as a set of (2) rims. 

Select your Bolt Pattern
  • Standard Bolt Patterns (3/58): 3/58 bolt pattern is the standard European bolt pattern for (nearly) all go karts and hubs. The "3" denotes that (3) wheel studs are spaced equidistant around a 360-degree path of the hub face (so, 120 degrees apart), and on a diameter from the central axis of 58mm.
  • NOTE: As of 06.17.2022 Swift has discontinued the 3/67 Bolt Pattern CRG Wheels. 
  • For Kid and Cadet karts, (4) 130mm width rims are required to use the kart.
      • For Full-Size Chassis, (2) 130mm width rims are utilized on the front, and either 180mm or 210mm width rims are utilized on most sprint karts in the rear. 

    Additional Technical Details

    • The wheel back-spacing for 5 x 130mm wheels is 50.0mm. This is measured from the hub-mounting-face of the wheel to the outer 'lip' of the bead area of the wheel (the rearward side). Please contact us if you have questions about this dimension. Wheel offset is the same for either 3/58 or 3/67 130mm wheels. 

    Ideal For: 3/58 bolt pattern (most karts) 130mm width