Swift 50mm Magnesium Rear Hubs

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Swift Magnesium 50mm Rear Kart Hubs. Ideal for a variety of racing go karts, usually full-size kart chassis that utilize a 50mm axle. Magnesium hubs are made of a slightly lighter and 'harder' material than aluminum hubs, reducing chassis flex. Counterintuitively, these hubs will typically 'free' a kart up in terms of overall grip compared to an equivalent aluminum hub.

  • Cast and milled magnesium components, integrated M8 wheel studs. Included M6 cinch bolt prevents lateral slip on the axle. Each hub is milled for an 8mm keyway width. Therefore, these hubs will work well on many 50mm axles, but will not mate well with a 6mm keyway. Make sure to double check your keyways prior to ordering this hub!
  • Available in a variety of widths:
    • 78mm
    • 88mm
    • 98mm
    • 120mm (utilizes 2 cinch bolts)
  • Each hub sold individually. Karts utilize 2 hubs for the rear of the kart.