Swift 50mm Axles

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50mm axles for karts by Swift. Ideal for replacing a factory axle in DR, CRG, or TonyKart racing karts. Universally keyed to work with a variety of applications (inboard or outboard drive).
    • Hardened steel in various tubing thicknesses, to adjust axle rate and performance:
      • DR / CRG Axle Rates (all axles 1040 mm in width):
        • T5 Axle (Hard)
        • T3 Axle (Soft)
        • T2 (Medium)
        • T1 (Hard)
        • CRG S25 Replacement (Medium Soft)
        • CRG M20 Replacement (Medium)
      • TonyKart / OTK Axle Rates (all axles 1030mm in width):
        • Type H Replacement (Hard)
        • Type N Replacement (Medium, Standard)
        • Type U Replacement (Soft)
        • Each axle is keyed universally, to fit all makes and models of 'pinned' axles (note! These axles do include grooves for flat pins).

    Each axle is keyed universally, so that all 'pinned' keyway formats will fit. Each axle is also keyed for 4-cycle or shifter kart inboard drive use. Note that these axles are not milled / grooved for 'flat' keyways.