Swift 30mm Magnesium Rear Wheel Hubs

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Magnesium rear wheel hubs for racing karts, ideal for 30mm axles. Ideal for cadet racing karts. Lightweight, universal fit for many different axles. With a lightweight construction, these hubs are great for those who want to 'free' up a kart to have less grip than standard aluminum hubs.

  • Milled and cast magnesium construction. Integrated M8 wheel studs to mount to wheel. Milled 6mm or 8mm keyways to use on both types of axles.
  • Available in multiple widths:
    • 40mm: This hub is the 'least grippy' option that Swift makes. Use this width of hub if trying to remove excessive grip from a kart, a great option for low-horsepower karts!
    • 55mm
    • 65mm
    • 75mm: This hub is the 'grippiest' option of the magnesium hubs.
  • Each hub is sold separately.