Swift 3-Point Sprocket Carrier

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Swift 3-point Sprocket Carrier (hub) for racing karts. Typically, these carriers are utilized on kid karts, cadet go karts, and at times full-size racing chassis. They are lightweight, well-designed, and excellent for single-piece sprockets. 

  • Milled aluminum design, anodized finish available in different colors. 
  • 3-spoke, lightweight design. Dual cinch bolts ensure minimal lateral slip on keyway to prevent misalignment of the sprocket. 
  • Milled keyway for 6mm, or 8mm keyways. That makes it universal to fit with any axle and any keyway! 
  • Available in two sizes, and three colors:
    • 25mm: Ideally sized for Kid Karts. 
    • 30mm: Most commonly found on Cadet karts, but can at times be found on kid karts that have 30mm axles. 
  • Each carrier (hub) sold separately.