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Super-Lift powered go kart lift by Streeter Manufacturing. This is the ultimate in go kart stands for heavy go karts or for those who want to save their backs and effort on race day! Do you go to the kart track by yourself? Is your son or daughter not quite strong enough to help lift the other end of the kart off a normal stand? The mighty Super-Lift is the stand for you! 

Please Note: Current Lead time on these stands is 3-4 weeks, due to material shortages. We ship directly from the manufacturer to you, to minimize delays! Additional shipping fees shall apply for this stand due to the size of the package. 


With an integrated electric winch and wide flexible riser strap, the Super-Lift comes ready to roll with two powered stanchions that raise and lower at the push of a button. Throughout the United States, Super Lifts are saving racer's backs and effort by lowering and raising the kart through the aid of the powerful integrated winch. Once raised, a locking mechanism holds the kart in place to prevent lowering.

If you need a little more tool area on your stand, no worries! The Super Lift has some bolt-on accessories available to make stowing components on the stand much more user friendly. 

Now, we can't lie - this thing is big. Really big. Folding stands or traditional stands are going to take up less floor space in a trailer or pickup bed. But, the benefits of the Super Lift for many racers simply outweigh these cons! Beefy pneumatic tires handle the weight of the stand and kart with easy, allowing for easy navigation over smooth or uneven terrain. Rolling in and out of a trailer is no problem - the Super Lift has plenty of ground clearance even for relatively steep trailer ramps. 

    Each Streeter Super Lift is very heavy to ship - these things are beasts! As a result, additional shipping fees apply. For orders of multiple Super-Lifts, a freight or truck-based (LTL) shipment may be required. Each order is special to us for these stands.  We will work with you to find the best shipping option to get your stand to you! 

    The Stand - What It Comes With

    The Super Lift comes partially assembled, so some wrenching is required to put it all together (we promise it isn't too much). The Wheels and swivel casters will need installation, as will the 'prongs' on the upper stand support. You can adjust the height slightly on these prongs as well. 

    The stand ships without a battery - you can utilize any standard 12V battery available at a generic auto parts store. The tires are pneumatic and therefore will require some air to fill - they do come with air in them, but depending on shipping period or environment checking the tire pressure in them may be advisable. 

    Recommended Batteries:

    The Streeter MFG group recommends the following batteries:

    • Farm / Fleet U1R300 300CA
    • Fleet Farm U1R
    • Tractor Supply GT-X / GT-H
    • Sears / DieHard U1/UR1
    • Wal-Mart U1R7

     Super Lift Assembly Guide!


    Super Lift Size Diagram (Also viewable in photo gallery)