Kart Stand Stop Pack (4 Pack)

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Stop Pack for go kart stands by Streeter. These stops install into the ends of your kart stand, and prevent lateral sliding of your kart chassis while moving the stand over uneven terrain, turning the stand, or when parking on slanted ground. These little stops are a great addition especially for the front end of your kart stand!

These components are designed to fit into current Streeter Big Foot, Roller, and Regular Kart Stands.


While a rare event, nothing is worse than your kart slipping off the kart stand. We aren't saying that we've ever done this...but we sure have seen it happen! If nothing else, it sure is embarrassing as your friends race to help you put the kart back on the stand. With these simple stop pack attachments, worry about karts slipping off stands no more. A small threaded insert fits into the ends of the stand uprights, and the stops are then secured in place by a button head allen bolt.

Each pack contains (4) stops and threaded attachments, allowing you to fully outfit your kart stand with the kit.

What's In the Kit?

The Stop Pack includes (4) stop uprights (the small silver pieces of metal seen here), (4) allen head bolts to secure the stops, and (4) threaded inserts that fit into the end of Streeter Big Foot, Rollers, or Regular Stands.

**Note** If your stand is not a Streeter brand stand, these stop kit components may not fit! These components are designed to fit into the round bar type uprights of modern Streeter kart stands.