Streeter Double Stacker Oval Stand

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Double stacker kart stand by Streeter mfg. Ideal for transporting multiple oval or wide-body racing go karts in your trailer by stacking them on top of each other. This is a popular choice for our racers who have multiple racing karts and only so much trailer space! 

Note: As of late 2021 this stand is a special order item! We apologize for delays, but do check with us for current ETA from order date on these wide-body stands. 

These double-stacker kart stands are commonplace for larger kart teams, and are a fantastic, well-built solution for reliable kart transport. 


With reinforced inter-rail gussets and cut-outs for tie downs, Streeter's latest iteration of their double stacker kart stand is built to last, and built to endure the toughest transport challenges with the heaviest karts. Securing this stand down in your trailer is easy! 

Heavy duty pneumatic tires with swivel casters on the front of the stand make rolling this stand over uneven terrain super simple as well. If one goes flat, no worries - Streeter has replacement casters for inexpensive cost in case the worst happens. 

One of our favorite features that these stands have are the tapered stanchions found on the bottom base. This makes it even easier to place the top element onto the stand, preventing binding of the mechanism and irritation by racers. The tapered stanchions help guide the top stand into place each and every time. This also reduces torque on the entire stand mechanism, prolonging service life of the stand. 

Shipping Your Stand

These stands are quite heavy, and rather awkward in size to ship! As a result, additional shipping fees do apply. Each stand usually will ship direct from Streeter MFG to your doorstep. Once it has arrived, if you have questions about installing the components or using your stand, let us know, and we are happy to assist!