Streeter Folding Stand

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  • Folding Stand by Streeter.
    • Ideal for the budget minded racer, or a karter at home or in the garage.
    • Without wheels, this stand may not go very far, but it will be sturdy wherever it is placed!
  • Reinforced square steel tubing construction makes this stand a strong, sturdy stand that is ready for karts of any size, and any weight!
  • Grade-8 central bolts allow the stand to pivot and fold for a smaller footprint for transport. This makes this stand fantastic for karters who are racing out of pickups or small SUV's. Welded steel stanchions hold the stand components in place once unfolded to provide a stable and consistent load surface.
  • Available in black only.
    • Each stand is shipped separately. Additional shipping fees may apply for oversize freight such as these Streeter Stands.