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Big Foot Go Kart stand by Streeter Manufacturing. Ideal for transporting your go kart around the pits, allowing for easy access to all parts of the kart during servicing. Streeter produces the most durable and dependable kart stands currently on the market! These collapsible "Big Foot" stands are a fantastic addition to any pit area and will last you a life time of karting. 


The Streeter "Big Foot" stand utilizes reinforced square steel tubing. This makes the stand durable, ready for any size kart. Heavy-duty pneumatic tires allow for easy rolling of the kart on uneven terrain, with (2) swiveling casters at the front followed by a wider-track rear set of tires. 

One of the best features of the "Big Foot" is the stand's ability to collapse for a lower-profile storage solution. This makes the stand perfect for racers coming to the track in an SUV or pickup truck! Or, if a trailer is more your speed, hang this folding stand on the wall or below your Streeter Double Stacker stand for extra storage space. 

Each pivot point of the Streeter "Big Foot" is fastened by grade-8 bolts and hardware to ensure long life, with welded retention pins preventing hyper-extension of the stand. Each upright and chassis support is wrapped in rubber hose to prevent scratching of to the underside of the kart, and to prevent lateral slip on the stand as you rotate the kart around. 

An integrated tool tray folds down from the main body of the stand, and can be folded back up and held in place when not in use. This tray can hold tools, spare parts, or even tires on race day. A handy component not found on all kart stands!

Available Colors
The Streeter Big Foot stand is available in several colors:
NOTE: Due to supply issues with powder coat both blue and red stands are being held for the next year or so (as of writing).
    • Red - Not available currently
    • Blue - Not available currently
    • Black

Shipping Your Streeter Stand

Shipping a kart stand is no easy task. They are rather heavy, and quite a bulky object to box up! As a result, your Streeter stand will require a $50.00 shipping charge as a special object. For shipments or orders of multiple stands, a discount on shipping rate per stand can apply if deemed appropriate for a truck-based shipment (also known as an LTL shipment). 

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