VLR Emerald Tie Rods (270, 275mm)

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Steering Tie Rod for the VLR Emerald Go Kart. Available in 270mm or 275mm to ensure you can get the perfect tie rod to replace any bent components! These tie rods connect the steering shaft to the steering tie rod-ends, the spindles, and in turn, the wheels and hubs of your kart's steering system. 

The steering shaft is slightly offset within the chassis, which is why there is a 5.0mm difference between the left and right tie rod lengths. 


Anodized in black with 0039's logo laser-etched into the tie rod, VLR Emerald tie rods are a premium component that are precision-made to ensure you will go straight down the straightaway, and experience pure steering performance in the corners. 

Each tie rod, whether 270mm or 275mm comes with a notched end to fit a 10.0mm wrench on the tie rod to help facilitate tightening of the tie rod and rod ends when adjusting your alignment.

A simple notch in the tie rod also indicates which end of the tie rod (with threaded M8 inserts) is reverse thread, and which end is standard thread direction. 

The 270.0mm tie rod is best for the left side of the chassis, driver's left. The 275.0mm tie rod helps you get the proper chassis alignment on the right side of the chassis. 
  • Available in two lengths: 270 mm and 275 mm.
  • 270 mm is commonly used on the LEFT side of the steering assembly (relative to the driver).
  • 275 mm is commonly used on the RIGHT side of the steering assembly (relative to the driver).