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Full-Width Steel Rear Bumpers ideal for Racing Go Karts. Often found on pre-2008 karts or chassis, these steel kart bumpers are primarily chrome-plated steel in construction. These bumpers can also be a great addition for those who are road racing, and want less aerodynamic drag than a traditional plastic bumper.

Each bumper is constructed of chrome-finished steel for durability and style, and features integrated plastic chain guard support, welded and reinforced bumper uprights and joints. Several models also have stanchions for mounting a rear number panel.

The steel bumpers are available in several configurations to fit your karting needs:

  • Full-Coverage or "Traditional": Compliant with post-2008 regulations, steel "full coverage" bumpers will cover at least half of the rear tires. "Traditional" bumpers will not.
  • 610mm Bumper Spacing: Measure the distance from the center-to-center points of your rear bumper mounting areas of kart to see which option makes sense for you! Typically, modern karts will be 610mm in frame spacing - whether a full-size or cadet chassis. However, some select chassis can be 630mm (usually slightly older chassis), so make sure to measure!
    • With or without Exhaust Support (Exhaust Support ideal for Pipe Bracket for engines such as IAME Leopard, Horstman or KA 100).
      • Ideal for 100cc or 125cc type karts.
    • Each bumper or component sold separately, as pictured.

    Note: Point Karting does our best to stock these bumpers. However, due to their limited manufacturing turnout, Righetti steel rear bumpers may require special order at times. Please reach out to us if you have an inquiry about a steel bumper!

    Note(2): As of 02/01/2021 models K141A, K141B, K142A, K142B, K141-BA are discontinued unfortunately. If you require a non-full-width rear bumper, please reach out to us and we will do what we can to assist you!