Sniper V2 Inox Laser Alignment System

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The Sniper V2 Inox Alignment System is the most popular tool for kart racers to align the front steering system on the market. With accurate laser projection to allow for easy adjustment of kart camber, steering sweep, and toe, the V2 Inox system is ideal for just about every kart racer out there.


The Sniper V2 connects magnetically to the top of the spindles at the front of the kart, one for each spindle. Some karts allow for mounting of these tools on the shoulder of the spindle, while others utilize the tool best at the end of the spindle stub, sometimes known as the stub axle.

An integrated bubble level allows for accurate calibration of each Sniper unit, to make sure that the alignment system is aligned relative to the ground surface. This makes the tool useful regardless of whether the kart is on the ground, on a kart stand, be that on tilted ground or level. As long as the kart frame is straight and true, and lays on a straight and true surface, this device will work in a variety of orientations or conditions.

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What's In the Box?

The Sniper V2 Inox alignment system includes several components. Naturally, the main piece is the dual set of lasers, with integrated cartesian grids for alignment. In addition to the laser, a steel ruler and rare earth magnet are included, which are useful for checking steering sweep and adjustment, ensuring the steering rate of the kart is even, whether the kart turns left or right.

While the laser and steel ruler and magnet are great, one of the best tools included with this kit is actually the plastic perspex cover of the box! This perspex is a great tool to help align both lasers to simulate 'straight' steering while conducting an alignment. Lastly, a custom fit plastic carrying case completes the entire kit. This plastic box is quite sturdy, it can really hold together despite a lot of punishment!

Each Sniper V2 Alignment Set is sold separately.