Sniper SA1 Caster / Camber Adjusters

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Sniper SA1 Go Kart Caster and Camber Adjuster by Sniper Americas. Useful kit to replace OEM parts on many racing karts, or to upgrade your current steering geometry setup! 

  • Linear adjustment for both camber and caster in one unit. 
  • Progressive adjustment design allows for the finest adjustments to optimize kart setup. 
  • Available to fit multiple king pin sizes:
    • 8.0mm: Ideal for most Kid Kart or Cadet chassis. but can be found on occassion on full-size chassis. Measure the outer diameter of your spindle king pin before ordering!
    • 10.0mm: Most common on full-size kart chassis, as well as some cadet chassis. Measure your spindle king pins prior to ordering! 
  • Available as a complete kit (2 sets in each kit), or individual components: 
    • Caster Camber Adjuster Kit 
      • 8mm or 10mm King Pin Option
      • Comes with:
        • (2) Base Plates
        • (2) Adjuster Plates
        • (4) Base Plate Fixation Screws M4
        • (4) Camber/Caster Adjuster Screws (M3)

Individual Components Also available:

    • Base Plate Fixation Screw (Chamfered, M4)
    • Base Plate (Plate only)
    • Top Adjuster Plate
    • Camber Adjustment Screw (each)
    • King Pins
      • 8.0mm
      • 10.0mm
  • Each component or kit sold individually. A "Kit" is defined as (2) sets of Sniper adjusters. 

Sniper Caster Camber kit
Ideal For: Modern go kart chassis