Sniper Laser Chain Aligner for Go Kart

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The Sniper Inox Laser Chain alignment tools is a MUST have for every kart racer! Having your chain properly in alignment is crucial for efficient drive train operation and performance. If you want to prevent thrown chains, worn sprockets, or stretched chains this tool is for you! No matter your drive train option in karting, this tool will work well for you.
The Inox laser aligner utilizes a laser beam to project from the rear axle sprocket towards the engine drive sprocket. As a laser beam is very narrow, this mains accurate alignment quick and easy. By affixing around the edge of the sprocket, when the laser beam shines into the splines of the drive sprockets, you know your rear axle sprocket is aligned, and ready to prepare the chain system for use.
An integrated 'flex switch' automatically turns the laser on when the device is slipped over the sprocket, and turns the laser off when the tool is removed. The tool utilizes a CR 1/3N battery, which the flex switch connects to once connected to a sprocket.
Each Sniper Inox Chain tool comes in a durable plastic case for protection, which means it won't get dirtied up or banged up in the tool box. Keep a spare battery on hand, in case you forget about it on the chain while in the shop (trust us, it can happen). Other than that, these are a worry-free, easy-to-use chain tool that is a great option for karters.
Each Sniper Inox chain alignment tool is sold separately, and comes with an included CR 1/3 N battery.