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Custom Go Kart Number Panel Sticker Kit for racing go karts, now in a SKUSA-compliant version!! This is the perfect kit to add some personalized flair to your kart for your next SKUSA-sanctioned event - be it the Pro Tour, Supernationals, or anywhere! This kit goes above and beyond standard stick-on numbers! Add your name, number, and even choose your nationality flag.

Add the following info to your order notes on check out and we will work with you to create an initial render of the kit, and print quickly!

Customizing Your Number Panel Set

Through our partners at Creative Force Graphics, Point Karting is excited to encourage racers to create their own custom number panel kits! Each racer can adjust the following:

  • Select Your Plate Size: Depending on the type of kart you have, select from either full-size kart number panels, or Kid Kart / Cadet number panels. Primarily, this alters the size of the front fairing number plate to fit most standard kart bodywork sets properly.
    • **Note if you have an "OTK Hot-dog" type front nassau panel, please let us know - we can create a custom front panel graphic for these circumstances**
  • SKUSA Requires a Yellow Background: For a long time, it used to be that this background could vary, depending on class or category. Now, all backgrounds are yellow. Our yellow background is within the range to stand out visibly from most all karting graphics kits, but also will not compromise visibility of the numbers by officials.
  • Your Number, Name, and Flag: To alter these parameters, leave a comment with your order upon checkout with the specific spelling of your name, the number you prefer, and any requests regarding alteration to the nationality flag on the panel kit. This allows us to more thoroughly review each request to ensure that the panel set is produced properly. A proof will be sent to each customer prior to shipment of the panels for approval.

Each number panel kit includes (1) front nassau panel number sticker, (2) side pod number panel stickers, and (1) rear bumper number sticker. Multiple sets may be ordered at once, for either individual karts or multiple of the same number panel style and option.