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Front Brake Rotor for Shifter Go Kart Brake Systems by Righetti Ridolfi, P/N K346D. Ideal for front-brake equipped racing go karts, this rotor is designed to provide intense stopping power for the demands of even the most powerful racing karts!

This brake rotor is manufactured to mate well with the Righetti Speed E2 4WP Front Brake Kit, but will fit many aftermarket or non-OEM brake systems! Point Karting has helped customers fit this rotor to many awesome projects outside of performance karts as well. 

Note: This brake rotor is directional! This means that the mounting points for the rotor are important to factor into your selection when choosing your rotor! "Right" and "Left" denote driver's right or left regarding the steering system and associated brake components. 


The K346D brake rotor is made of cast iron, and features a diameter of 160mm x 12.0mm thick. Internal vented flutes within the brake rotor help dissipate heat during heavy braking, while a 3-point mounting system ensures that the rotor is held firmly in place.

An integrated pair of grooves within the rotor surface encourages further cooling of the pads and brake system, while also helping for uniform consumption of the brake pads during brake application.   This type of rotor is also referred to as a slotted rotor.

This rotor works well for Righetti Ridolfi braking systems, as well as aftermarket or non-OEM brake systems where additional front brakes on your kart are required! 

The brake caliper this pad is designed to work with is the Speed E2 Brake Caliper, model Number KB111E2-DN or KB111E2-SN.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: K346D-S or K346S-S
    • The "S" or "D" at the end of model number denotes direction. D notes a "right" brake rotor, "S" denotes a left brake rotor. The "S" following the hyphen notes that the material here is iron, a standard material for rotors (as opposed to performance ceramic). 
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Outer Diameter: 160.0mm (Pads engage up to 159.00mm)
  • Inner Diameter of Rotor: 90.00mm (Pads engage on bottom at 91.0mm)
  • Thickness of Rotor: 12.0mm 
  • Mounting Diameter of Holes: 67.00 (3 holes, 6.5mm ID)
    • Each Mounting Hole will utilize M6 Bolts (5mm Allen Wrench)
  • Rotor weight: 692.0 gram

Each brake rotor is sold separately, and as noted above it is crucial to select the proper 'side' of the kart that the rotor is to be utilized on.

K346D-S & K346S-S
Front brake rotor for righetti 4WP system
Ideal For: Shifter karts (w/dual master cylinders)

Righetti speed E2 4WP Brake System
CIK/FIA homologation: 005-B4-48
Ideal For: Shifter karts (w/dual master cylinders)