Self-Centering Seat Mounting Washer Set

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Self-centering seat mounting kit for racing go kart seats. Have a poorly aligned seat versus the seat strut or chassis uprights? No problem! This kit is ideal for those slightly mis-aligned seat mounting situations where a hole might not be perfectly drilled. Opposing semi-spherical washers fit together to adapt and tweak slightly to help fit hardware through the seat and seat uprights.


Manufactured by Kart Master, this self-centering seat mount kit is a very clever piece of engineering for karters! Each kit includes an inner and outer set of washers - which is composed of an inner and outer washer component.

What makes this seat mounting washer set unique is the design of the washer - allowing for significant rotation between the external and internal portions of the washer can help align the bolt within the washers to fit into the seat and seat upright or seat strut when things are not perfectly aligned. In many cases, despite best efforts holes are not drilled perfectly to mount components to a seat, be it the chassis or seat struts. With this kit, mis-drilled holes is no major issue!

What's in the Kit?

Each self-centering seat mount kit is composed of (2) components: Each washer set is composed of an inner and outer washer. To work properly, you will at minimum want (2) sets of these kits to mount a seat with the proper flex and adjustment.

Each kit is sold separately.