Seat Struts (Round Bar)

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Round Seat Struts by Righetti Ridolfi. The seat struts are commonly used to 'tie' a kart seat to the bearing cassette to add more rear grip to the kart chassis.


While seat struts are often a great solution to low-grip track conditions or chassis handling issues, it can discourage inside-wheel hike, which is a factor to consider when using struts.

Chrome metallic finish, "S-shape" struts allow for bending of either tab to create more or less offset from the bearing cassette to the side of the seat (which is critical to get proper seat strut performance and fit). This bend shape is slight from the factory, but can be made larger depending on your needs.

Various strut lengths also assist with accommodating various chassis and strut uses.

Struts are available in various lengths: 240, 260, 280, 300, 320, 340, 360, 380, and 400mm.

Struts do not come with additional mounting hardware, and are sold individually.