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There's no shame in needing some comfort while piloting your go kart! Righetti's seat pad inserts are the perfect solution for every kart racer. With multiple adhesive stick-on padding options available, these foam inserts come race-ready to conform to any seat, in any application.
Simply remove the adhesive backing, clean the surface of the inside face of the seat with rubbing alchohol or a similar cleaner, and stick on. Ideally, these pads will adhere best when applied at room temperature conditions.
  • **Point Karting recommends cleaning all adjacent surfaces of seat prior to placing seat padding on seat using adhesive. For best adhesion, place pads within seat on days where ambient temperature (or in your shop) meets or exceeds 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, consider using a water-based degreaser to clean seat, and follow with a disposable towel utilizing Isopropyl Alchohol (only utilize in well-ventilated areas). Doing these cleaning steps will give you the best chance of having proper adhesion of pads.
Many flush-head bolts for weight or seat installation, while great in concept, can still irritate drivers (don't worry, we don't judge).
The Righetti seat pad inserts come in 3 variations: side of seat, back of seat, or side of seat inflatable.
    • Right / Left Side seat padding (for rib cage / lateral support area)
    • Rear padding (against back side of seat to protect spine or lower back)
    • Inflatable side padding! Pretty trick pieces of padding to adjust to your firmness and size based on adjusting internal pressure in pad.
    Each pad type is sold as a pair of (2) pads. For a 'complete' kit of seat pads, you may want (1) lateral support set, and (1) set for the rear of the seat.