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Stainless Steel Safety Wire, 0.032" thickness, available in both 50' and 360' lengths. Perfect for securing fasteners, bolts, cross-drilled hardware, etc. on go karts, planes, boats, or whatever you're racing! This safety wire is vital to securing hardware you never want coming loose. At only 0.032" thick, this wire is strong yet flexible, pliable into any twist or tie you need to keep your fasteners looking good and staying secure!


In the iconic blue container, the safety wire available here is either 50' or 360' long - plenty to use up in a lifetime of karting! We have containers that are years old in our toolboxes and use it regularly - the point is - you will have plenty to use for a long time!

Secure bolts, nuts, bumpers, fuel lines, hose clamps, or really anything you need to stay put with this safety wire! Many karting series or competitions require many areas of the kart safety wired to be legal for competition to past technical inspection - make sure you have the tools to do what you need to do at the track.

Unravel the spool, clip it off with the stanchions on the top of the container, and you're set!

Each container of safety wire is sold separately.