Rubber Seat Washers

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Large Diameter Rubber Seat Washers by Kart Master for installing performance go kart seats. Made of thin yet durable vulcanized rubber these washers are perfect for mounting kart seats in go kart chassis while also distributing stress and load over a large space. Kart Master has several washer sizes available. Washers are either 2.0mm or 4.0mm thick.

Available Sizes

Kart Master's seat washers are available in several sizes. All feature 8.5mm pre-drilled holes in the center to accommodate M8 hardware and seat bolts. Each rubber washer is 2.0mm thick, or 4.0mm thick:

  • M8 x 2mm x 20mm
  • M8 x 2mm x 41mm
  • M8 x 2mm x 52mm
  • M8 x 2mm x 60mm - **the most popular option!!**

Each of the washers above is excellent for mounting kart seats in place. For thicker washers, stacking these washers can be a great way to fill small 5-10mm gaps to the sides of the seat. Thinner seat washers are excellent for seat struts or thin-profile mounting applications.