Rotax Power Valve Spring Install Tool

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Rotax Go Kart Power Valve Installation Tool by Precision Karting Technologies. This tool is a great addition to every Rotax FR125 Senior Max owner's toolbox! If you've ever struggled with installing the power valve spring on the Rotax Max Evo system, this tool is a life saver.


This tool is a lower-cost alternative to higher-dollar, multi-piece replacement tools by other manufacturers or the OEM Rotax tool. This tool is manufactured from smoothed Delrin plastic, so it is lightweight yet durable, allowing it to jostle around in the toolbox without getting chewed up.

The end of the tool is gradually tapered - the lower the spring travels on the tool, the wider the spring opens up until it is ready to snap into the bellows area. Just before this point, there is a holding groove to position the spring evenly above the bellows groove, making it a snap to push the spring on to the tricky rubber piece of the power valve system.

For more on the power valve tool and how it works, check out PKT owner Kim Watzke demonstrate the tool here:

What Comes with the Tool?

This tool is fairly simple, and does not require a lot of moving components or hardware. As a result, the power valve spring tool is a self-contained unit, shipped to you without any additional hardware or components.

Note - the most modern iteration of the Rotax Evo engine does not utilize the same bellows-operated system as older engine systems. These modern engines utilize an electronically-controlled servo to actuate the power valve mechanism. As a result, this tool may not be necessary for owners of these engines.

Each power valve spring tool is sold separately.