Rotax XPS 2T Synthetic Oil

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Rotax XPS 2T Synthetic Oil for Rotax Max Evo go kart engines. This synthetic oil is ideal for the full-range of Rotax karting engines! From Rotax Master to Micro Max, and all the FR-125 engine variations in between, this oil is the official oil of the Rotax Max Challenge. 


Formulated specifically for the Rotax Max line of racing engines, the XPS 2T oil is designed to be a superior synthetic oil for pre-mixing racing fuel to power your kart. Each quart of XPS provides the lubricity and adhesion necessary to cling to the cylinder walls and internal components during extreme operating conditions, such as when your Rotax is turning over 14,000 RPM at 130 deg. head temperatures.

The XPS oil is designed to minimize exhaust port residue and to limit residue post-combustion on the exhaust valve within the Rotax exhaust pipes or the power valve assembly. 


For all engines utilizing the XPS oil, pre-mixing the oil with a high-octane leaded race fuel. Examples of this include VP MS93 or Sunoco 2-cycle racing fuels. 

  • For engine break-in or early-hour operation, mixing the oil with fuel at a ratio of 33:1 (3% oil mixture) is recommended.
  • For normal operation of the Rotax Max range of engines, XPS is recommended to be mixed at a ratio of 50:1 (2% oil mixture). 

Each quart is sold separately. The quart comes sealed in a durable plastic casing with mixing information and recycling information for the quart of oil encased.