Rotax Max Evo Exhaust Gasket

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Fibrous Exhaust Gasket for the Rotax Max Evo line of go kart engines. This part is one of the most essential spares every Rotax racer should have in their toolbox!

As the exhaust shakes and vibrates this gasket helps keep the exhaust sealed tightly to the exhaust manifold. However, over time this item can wear down from heat and stress, so needs routine replacement!

The gasket features a wound fibrous metal material that forms a hollow cone shape, with a tapered concave profile on the outer edge that mates well the the inner radius of the inlet port of the exhaust. From Micro Max all the way to Rotax Master competitors, this gasket is a race day essential for your Rotax engine!

Each gasket is sold separately. This gasket is also featured as part of the Rotax MY20 upgrade kit.