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Dell Orto Carburetor for Rotax Max karting engines. This carburetor is compatible with many Rotax Max Evo engines, and is adaptable in performance, function, and jetting across the array of Rotax Max engine disciplines. The main model of carburetor is the Dellorto VHSB 34 XS.


A float-style carburetor, the Dellorto VHSB utilizes a large air horn and slide-throttle application to meter air and fuel into the carburetor. Internal channels, return needles and seats, and mechanisms make the VHSB adaptable to different power outputs for the Rotax line of engines, from the Micro Max all the way to the DD2 engine package.

While simple, the VHSB takes time to understand and fully master, and changing main jets is a key thing to keep in mind for the Rotax engine - depending on what engine package you run will dictate which jets you may want to have available to get the most out of your Rotax package! Reach out to us if you have questions regarding this.

The carburetor as sold here comes as a complete assembly, including parts in the vertical array from #27 to #11.

Note: The carburetor comes standard (out of box) with a #130 main jet. For Micro or mini, consider jets on the lower end, sizes 105-115. For Junior and Senior, check out jet sizes 124-134.