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Charger Adapter for USA-type wall plugs, available separate from the battery charger system. This adapter helps change the plug type to fit USA-standard 110v wall plugs or extension cords, with the '3-point' design common across the USA.


As a global brand, Rotax has designed their products to work in a variety of regions across the globe. With this in mind, it fits that the plug types on the battery charger are interchangeable. As the diagram shows, if you are planning to race in the USA and charge your Rotax battery, you'll need a USA-type plug adapter. Note that chargers sold in the USA by Point Karting come with this adapter already installed. However, if you are outside of the US, or purchased your charger second hand, you may need this adapter!

Each adapter as denoted by part #5 on the diagram is a click-to-install type adapter that fits onto the reverse side of the battery charger.