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Billet aluminum chain guard for Rotax go kart engines. Manufactured for precision placement and stylish fit, this piece by PKT is a fantastic addition to any Rotax Evo engine, and a major upgrade over the OEM plastic chain guard in durability and ease of access for mechanics.

With multiple mounting points pre-drilled to fit the reduction gear cover (P/N ROT210345), this is truly a bolt-on-and-go piece that fits all modern Rotax kart engines.


Especially in higher-horsepower configurations of the Rotax FR125, the sling from the chain is significant. This can make cleaning the clutch and sprocket area a real pain with the OEM chain guard, but much easier with the PKT cover!

For parents, rest assured that this guard will take a much more substantial impact before fracturing in the event of a chain failure. That's going to keep drivers safe, and also keep the back side of the radiator in one piece too!

Another neat piece to this guard is the integrated mounting point for drive train guards - more colloquially known as 'chain guards.' These are the bulky and awkward pieces of plastic most racers now run over their rear axle sprocket and chain assembly.

What's Included

When you order your PKT Rotax Chain Guard, you'll get the chain guard itself in black, with laser engraving, as shown. Additionally:

  • All mounting hardware included (to mount to motor, and for mounting plastic guard to rear of this guard).

Each guard is sold separately. One of our favorites at Point Karting!