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HP Kart Oil by RLV. Blended for high-performance kart racing applications and with the intent to utilize in the Briggs & Stratton 206, World Formula, and Honda GXH line of engines.

The oil is available in single-use, easy fill pouches! This makes oil changes a cinch.


Renown for their VLR Racing chassis and quality exhaust components, when RLV set out to design an oil, performance was yet again at the core of the product. The result is the HP synthetic oil, which boosts the highest level of lubricity RLV could pack into their product. This increase in lubricity in the HP oil versus other oils on the market increases horsepower and performance while also continuing to mitigate engine wear and fatigue.

At Point Karting, we stand behind the products we sell. While a high-lubricity oil is something we were initially wary of, track testing of the 4T HP oil has proven successful and it does indeed run quite well.

With over 5,000 hours of development and testing, RLV's HP oil is built to last and has been proven to be durable. With that said, this oil is for racing. We do not recommend this oil for those that want to run their engine for long service intervals without changing oil!

Per RLV's specific instructions, we strongly recommend changing this oil out every 45 minutes of engine run time.


Available Package Options

RLV's HP Oil comes in several different package options to suit your needs! With pre-measured amounts, they likely have the perfect packaging option to fit your engine's oil requirements:

  • 14 fl. oz in 4-pack or 16-pack

For the Briggs 206, we recommend the 14-oz option.

Note: As of 06.09.2022 RLV has discontinued the 12 OZ pack sizing.