Righetti Steering Shaft Blocks

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  • Steering Shaft Support Blocks by Righetti Ridolfi, IKP.
    • These hardened plastic steering shaft blocks allow for support of the steering shaft during operation and during impacts, to prevent injury to the driver.
    • Each block features one or multiple mounting holes for bolting to the fuel tank upright bars, as well as a hole through which the steering shaft fits.
  • Available in multiple colors:
    • Black
    • Red
  • Available with different hole sizes (mounting to fuel tank support bars):
    • 6mm
    • 8mm
  • Available with different adjustment options:
    • Single position
    • Multi-position
  • Each block is designed to fit a 20mm Diameter (OD) steering shaft. This is the industry standard steering shaft size, but be sure to check yours prior to ordering!
  • Each steering shaft block is sold separately.
Ideal For: Most karts

Utilizes 8mm & 6mm support hole (fits M5, M6 bolts)