Righetti Spindle King Pins (10mm)

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  • King Pin Bolts for Spindles by Righetti Ridolfi, IKP.
    • Ideal for securing the spindle in the chassis for many kart chassis that utilize Righetti Ridolfi components (Gold Kart, Righetti Extreme, Solo Kart). These king pins will fit many karts, however. Just make sure to check the length / width of your spindle configuration prior to ordering! 
  • Available in several king pin lengths:
    • M10 x 90mm
    • M10 x 103mm
    • M10 x 108mm
    • M10 x 112mm
    • M10 x 120mm
  • Each king pin listed here has a shank diameter of 10mm OD (Outer Diameter). This means they are designed to fit steering systems with 10mm ID (Inner Diameter) Bearings. 
  • Each bolt is sold separately, with no additional hardware. For more technical information, consult the technical diagrams of each bolt.