Righetti Ridolfi Fuel Tank Mount Kit

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  • Fuel Tank Mounting Kit by Righetti Ridolfi, IKP.
    • Righetti Ridolfi designed plastic fuel tank mounting bracket, bolt, and plastic tri-wing nut.
    • Designed to aid in mounting Righetti Ridolfi (as well as other) fuel tanks in proper location for chassis that do not have a cross bar through which the mount bolt for a fuel tank is inserted.
    • Without this cross bar, most fuel tanks cannot be clamped in place, unless you have this kit, where the plastic piece acts as the clamping mechanism!
  • Available with different plastic colors:
    • Black
    • Red
  • Sold as kit, with:
    • (1) Plastic mounting cross bar (fits around fuel tank support uprights)
    • (1) Plastic tri-wing nut for mounting bolt
    • (1) Fuel Tank mount bolt
    • (1) Fuel Tank mount spacer

Ideal For: Non bridged fuel tank mounting areas for chassis without fuel tank bolt bar