Righetti Rear Bumper Support Kits

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Rear Bumper Support Kits. Ideal for mounting go kart rear bumpers into chassis! Available in a variety of chassis tube diameters.

  • Righetti Ridolfi rear bumper fixation kits.
    • Each kit fits into inner area of chassis at the rear, and expands to tightly hold the rear bumper of the kart in place.
  • Kit Available in several tubing sizes via adjustable rubber bushing sizes:
    • 28mm Diameter: Common in Kid Kart, Cadet, and (some) Full-Size Chassis.
    • 30mm Diameter: Common in Full-Size chassis. Usually, these chassis are not used for shifter karts.
    • 32mm Diameter: Common in high-horsepower or shifter kart categories.
  • Each Kit comes as a set of (2) of:
    • Rubber Bushings
    • Lengthy Hard-Steel Carriage Bolts
    • Milled Bumper Upright Bushings
    • Threaded locking nut, cap nut.
  • Each kit sold separately, as a pack of 2 bumper support bolts and associated hardware.

30mm Rear Bumper Bolt Kit (Set)