Righetti Rear Bumper Support Bushings

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Rear Bumper Support Bushings and Hardware for the Righetti Ridolfi XTR14 Bumper System. Ideal for Fitting a Rear Bumper to your go kart!

  • Anodized aluminum components designed to fit tightly into the inner chassis tubes at the rear of your kart, or around the Righetti XTR14 bumper system and uprights.
  • Available in several sizes to suit different frame diameters:
    • 28mm: Ideal for Kid Kart or Cadet Righetti bumper systems.
    • 30mm: Most common for TaG or 100cc karts, full-size chassis.
    • 32mm: Commonly found on high-horsepower full-size chassis like a ROK or Shifter Kart.
  • Available in several configurations:
    • Frame Bushing - This bushing fits into the frame itself, and also supports the 'inner' side of the bumper upright.
    • Half Bushing: This component fits on the outer side of the bumper support upright, and is clamped down between the upright and locking nuts. This component is the most common to get scratched or scraped down over time from curbs.
    • Nylon Bushing: These are less commonly used, but are found in small kart applications like Kid Karts or some Cadet karts. These components fit on the outer side of the support upright.
  • Available in several colors:
    • Silver
    • Black
    • Gold
    • Red (for nylon bushings)
  • Each bushing sold separately.

32mm Bushing: Fits 32mm chassis tubes (righetti bumpers system XTR14)
Outer Bushing: Universal for righetti bumper system (XTR14)
Nylon Bushing: Universal for righetti bumper system (XTR14)
28mm Bushing: For rear bumper