Righetti Pedal Support Bolt

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  • Throttle or Brake Pedal Support Bolt by Righetti Ridolfi, IKP.
    • This bolt supports brake or throttle pedals in their mounting to the main chassis or frame of most sprint-karts.
    • As pictured, the bolt features several unique features, including a hardened, smooth race area for throttle pedal actuation, and a threaded area of the shank for tightening with a nut to the pedal support bung on the chassis.
  • The shank size on this bolt is 10mm where the pedal is supposed to mount. Most karting throttle or brake pedals are this diameter at their mounting point.
  • Chrome-anodized for hardness and finish.
  • Sold individually, with no additional mounting hardware.

Ideal For: Brake or throttle pedal support
Bolt Diameter: 8mm/10mm shank