Righetti Pedal Platform Kit

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  • Brake and Throttle Pedal Platform Kit by Righetti Ridolfi, IKP.
    • Ideal for younger drivers, or those that are rather short.
    • Platform includes heel rest areas for feet, as well as mounting points for brake and throttle pedals, which are included. 
  • Hardened steel design, with chrome-steel finish to all components.
  • Includes several components, including:
    • Bracket and components to mount platform to kart chassis (consult diagram to see if mount kit is right for your chassis)
    • Foot rest areas with heel platforms with integrated grip material.
    • Brake, throttle pedal assemblies and return springs. 
  • Available in various sizes:
    • Kid Kart / Cadet: This pedal kit is a total of 300mm wide, and fits most Kid Kart or Cadet kart chassis. 
    • Full - Size: This pedal kit is 370mm wide, and fits most full-size kart chassis. 
  • Each kit is sold individually, with no additional mounting hardware other than pictured. 

Ideal For: 30mm (ID) axle applications
Ideal For: Performance karting
Ideal For: Rental or track day 30mm karts

Note: It appears that in recent batches of these pedal platforms Righetti has 'reversed' the pedal return tab, such that they are on the interior side of the pedals. Functionally they are the same, but this does differ slightly from our website photos.