Righetti Lightweight Rear Hubs (40mm)

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  • Lightweight Rear Hubs by Righetti Ridolfi, IKP.
    • Lightweight construction alleviates the rotating weight, increasing transferred horsepower to wheels. Especially necessary in low-horsepower karts!
    • These hubs utilize a standard European bolt pattern (3/58)
  • Lightweight milled aluminum construction. 
  • Integrated 6mm and 8mm axle key slots for use with various axles and manufacturers. 
  • Integrated steel wheel studs (M8 thread).
  • Hubs available in several widths:
    • 65mm: Ideal for low horsepower applications, will create the least amount of rear grip in the kart available of the three hub options listed here. 
    • 95mm: A common factory replacement hub width! This hub is middle-of-the-road for utilization with many medium to high horsepower karts. 
    • 115mm: Ideal for high horsepower applications! These hubs are sturdy, strong, and provide the most rear grip for chassis. 
  • Each hub sold separately, with no additional hardware other than pictured.