Righetti Master Cylinder - Clear Reservoir

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Single-Piston Master Cylinder Assembly by Righetti Ridolfi with Clear Fluid Reservoir for racing go karts. The ultimate in style and cool-factor, plus utility to check your fluid level! Manufactured from milled aluminum, these master cylinders set the industry standard for elite-level performance by providing outstanding braking leverage, ease-of-service, and style all in one!

The KB030 line of master cylinders is common on Gold, Solo, Righetti Extreme, and other Righetti-derived brake systems and karts. Each master cylinder shown here comes as a complete unit - with master cylinder body, internal seals, reservoir, slave arm mechanism, and external fittings all included.

Adjustable braking leverage points can be accomplish to help drivers modulate braking feel by moving brake leverage arms (from pedal to master cylinder) up or down on the slave arm of the master cylinder by use of the adjustment holes. 

For single-speed karts and categories, typically one master cylinder is required for the kart. For gearbox / shifter karts, a dual-master cylinder (2) setup is common. 

For those looking to replace the dust cover on these master cylinders, you are looking for P/N K196, the 'Rounded' Righetti Ridolfi master cylinder dust cover. Each master cylinder takes one (1) of these dust covers. 

Technical Diagram and Dimensional Schematic Available Here! 

Each master cylinder assembly comes complete as pictured (minus fluids), with no additional mounting hardware. 


Note: Certain colors presented here may be 'special order' items to ship. Colors gold and magnesium may require shipping from Europe on special request. To order your master cylinder, select from the drop down list!

Master Cylinder - Clear Reservoir
common on gold kart, solo, righetti-extreme, fits many systems