Righetti Front Brake Hub

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Righetti Front Brake Hub for Shifter Karts. Also works for non-shifter go karts, but system originally designed for them. Ideal for adapting your go kart to a front brake system set-up, or for replacing components. Fits both Righetti karts and non-Righetti karts!

Note that this is a special order part - due to the volume available and on hand in the United States on average, this may require international shipment or ordering to deliver to you!

  • Milled aluminum construction for precision performance. Integrated bearings fit 17mm spindles, and 40mm hubs.
  • Graduated lines along hub allow for adjustment of front track width.
  • 3 M6 fixture holes allow for insertion of guided supports for adjustable front hubs and rotor systems.
  • Milled 8mm slot for flat keyway prevents slip of hub once placed on hub face.
  • Ideally designed for Righetti Brake Disc K346, self-ventilated brake disc. The Righetti 40mm x 75mm rear hub also works extremely well with this unit as a front wheel hub!
  • Available in several colors:
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Gold
  • Dimensions:
    • Inner Bearing Diameter (ID): 17mm
    • Outer Face Diameter (OD): 40mm
    • Total Width: 67.0mmn
  • Each hub sold separately.