Righetti Front Brake Disc Carrier

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Righetti Front Brake Disc Carrier for Racing Go Karts. Ideal for non-hub supported brake systems, or for 'floating' brake rotors where the lateral play of the brake rotor is held in check by a spindle-supported brake caliper.

  • Ideal for the Righetti "EVO" style of brake caliper (where 2 steel supports in a 3-way pattern support disc).
  • Bearings support and mate to 25mm spindles.
  • Milled aluminum design for durability and light weight function.
  • Integrated steel sliding rods support floating rotor. Note: This system can also be adapted to a 3-spoke or rod system with the use of Pre-drilled, M6 rod holes in the hub. See photos.
  • Black anodized finish.
  • Available in two styles:
    • "2x2 Evo": Supports Steel Rotors **NOTE - this item is no longer manufactured. We may be able to find one if you need it, please contact us for more details.**
    • "Speed Evo": Supports Cast Iron Brake Rotors
  • Each hub sold separately.