Righetti Flat-Top & Rounded King Pin Bolts

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  • Flat-Top Spindle King Pin Bolts by Righetti Ridolfi, IKP.
    • Ideal for securing the spindle in the chassis for many kart chassis that utilize Righetti Ridolfi components (Gold Kart, Righetti Extreme, Solo Kart). These king pins will fit many karts, however. Just make sure to check the length / width of your spindle configuration prior to ordering!
    • In some karting applications, the 'flat top' bolt provides an additional flattening surface that is vital for proper compression of the spindle yolk (the metal tabs that surround the spindle).
    • For others assemblies, the rounded bottom edge of the spindle bolt is vital to fit within supporting washers. An example of this is any king pin system found on DR or CRG karts from the 2006-2015 era.
  • Available in several sizes:
    • M8 x 75mm (Flat Top)
    • M8 x 85mm (Flat Top)
    • M8 x 85mm (Rounded bolt head To fit Certain Assemblies)
    • M10 x 110mm (Flat Top)
  • Each King pin bolt presented here varies slightly, most importantly in their shank diameter (which is either 8mm or 10mm OD). Depending on this, the king pin will either fit a 8mm or 10mm spindle bearing. Be sure to check you kart prior to ordering!
    • Each bolt is sold separately, with no additional hardware. For more technical information, consult the technical diagrams of each bolt.

    Ideal For: Spindle king - pin/support (flat)
    Dimensions: M8x75mm
    Ideal For: Spindle king - pin/support
    Dimensions: M10 x 110mm
    Head (10mm) shank 90mm | threads 20mm
    Ideal For: Spindle king - pin/support (flat)
    Dimensions: M8x85mm