Righetti Deluxe Caster Camber Adjuster

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  • Deluxe Caster / Camber Adjustment Kit by Righetti Ridolfi, IKP.
    • Ideal for adjusting caster and camber on most karts, with a robust, easy to utilize system. Durable and rugged!
    • Separates caster and camber adjustments from one another, providing consistent adjustment, without risk of compromising either adjustment during operation.
  • This caster camber kit is awesome! Utilizing the original mounting holes for most karts, this kit provides more refined adjustment than traditional eccentric-style designs.
  • With this kit, camber can be adjusted +/- 4.2 deg. with continuous adjustment options. Caster has a range of +/- 5.4 deg, with incremental steps of 1.8 deg.
  • Each kit sold as shown, with caster camber adjusters for both sides of kart, king pins, and adjustment tools..