Righetti Circular Steering Wheels

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  • Circular Steering Wheels by Righetti Ridolfi, IKP.
    • Considered by many to be a 'budget' steering option, a polyurethane or imitation leather wheel will serve most racers quite well.
    • Tapered dish design allows for a slight off set of spokes to steering wheel, bringing steering wheel closer to drivers.
  • Available in several steering wheel diameters:
    • 300mm: This diameter wheel is intended for cadet and medium-sized drivers.
    • 250mm: This diameter is intended for Kid Kart and "Baby" karts. Smaller drivers will enjoy steering wheels of this size and diameter
  • Available in several grip finishes:
    • Imitation Leather: This material is a fairly standard steering wheel finish, and is common for rental karts or the budget racer. Easier to clean than suede, but not always as durable.
    • Polyurethane: This material is the most "plastic-y" of the finishes available from Righetti, and is quite durable. However, steering feel and grip is compromised, and some younger drivers may find it hard to grip the wheel if the kart vibrates noticeably.
    • Suede: The top of the line option, suede is a soft, flexible wheel finish that provides great steering feel and grip. However, gloves can 'flatten' the finish of the suede, and it is more prone to tears than a imitation leather. Still, though, most kart steering wheels are suede in surface finish.
  • Each steering wheel is sold separately, with no additional mounting hardware.