Righetti Chain Tension Bolts & Fixtures

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  • Chain Tension Bolts and Mounting Fixtures by Righetti Ridolfi, IKP.
    • Ideal for ensuring that once proper chain tension is set, a motor does not shift rearward, causing a chain to loosen and fall off. Not a good thing during a race!
    • Each tension bolt utilizes an 17mm jam nut to ensure that tension bolt does not rotate. Plastic casing / cap minimizes scarring of the motor mount during operation. 
  • Chain Tension Bolts available in multiple lengths:
    • 100mm: This is the standard length for chain tension bolts
    • 60mm: For a smaller chassis, or one with motor mount clearance issues, this might be your ticket. 
  • Chain Tension Fixtures come complete with: 
    • Milled Fixture Block (Bolts directly to bearing cassette hangars on kart chassis)
    • Righetti 100mm Chain Tension Bolt w/ Plastic Cap
    • M10 (17mm wrench) jam nut
  • Chain Fixture kit comes in multiple colors:
    • Gold
    • Black
    • Silver "Titanium"
  • Each component sold as pictured, with no additional mounting hardware. 
  • Each tension fixture comes standard with a 100mm tension bolt. 

Ideal For: Most Karts M10 Thread (17mm Jam Nut Included)