Righetti Brake Pedals

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  • Brake Pedals by Righetti Ridolfi, IKP.
    • Chrome-Steel finish to each pedal.
    • Curved upright to pedal surface design helps support foot laterally during cornering, but prevents a 'hung pedal' where foot goes underneath pedal. 
    • Hardened and reinforced supports for mounting brake rods that actuate the master cylinder. For the adult pedal, multiple mounting positions allow for brake pedal adjustment in terms of leverage or force applied from pedal to brakes. 
    • Smooth pedal fitment race enhances pedal durability and life time of use. 
  • Available in several sizes to fit various karts and foot sizes:
    • 170mm: This pedal size is ideal for most teenage and adult drivers, and is found on all 'full-size' kart chassis. 
    • 160mm: This pedal size is ideal for cadet age drivers, approximately ages 7 to 12, and is found on most cadet karts and Kid Karts.
  • Each pedal sold individually, with no additional mounting hardware. 

Ideal For: Brake pedal 170mm height (full size kart)
Ideal For: Brake pedal hydraulic/mechanical 160mm height (kid kart)